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Born and raised in the Newark riots Felecia Burton, AAS, BS, MA, Ed.S, ABD, AAC is no stranger to the SURVIVOR narrative. As a Recovery Specialist and Therapist nothing gives her more pleasure than having the ability to invoke the power of CHANGE in others when delivering a clear message of hope.

Always known for her "go getter" spirit and hustle Felecia was a serial entrepreneur and worked full time for the city of Newark as she raised her only child in a housing development. She NEVER looked like what she was going through. However every superhero has his kryptonite and soon "Fee" would meet hers. Crack addition soon overcame her and during a nearly four year tenure of drug abuse she officially hit rock bottom isolating herself from all of her responsibilities while staring death straight in the face. Through the power of her praying family and her willingness to surrender it was on June 30, 2005 Felecia made a drastic change relocating from her hometown Newark, NJ to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Entering a life of recovery was truly a game changer. In 2007 with two years of sobriety and seeking greatness Felecia enrolled into Community College of Philadelphia and two years later she received an associate degree in Behavioral Health and Human Services with a certificate in Addiction Studies. It was here her love for education was developed as she realized it was the key to not only saving her life but to saving others in the community. Immediately following Fee went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in Counseling at Drexel University. Of course, she wasn't stopping there after experiencing the life change that came along with increasing her knowledge in the field. It not only added to her professional portfolio she found that it added to her personal growth. It was in 2016 when she then earned her master’s degree in Psychology from Northcentral University.

Being passionate about perfecting her craft Felecia decided to push on and entered a Doctorate program in 2017 at the American College of Education. The following year she received what some would consider to be a death sentence. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 only pushed her even harder to live like she's never lived before and through all of the cancer treatments and surgeries in 2019 she received a degree as an Educational Specialist in Leadership.

Her passion and purpose collide daily as she dedicates her entire life to helping others recover. The zeal for life she possesses is unmatched and attracts all sorts of people. Her dear clients and colleagues now address her as Doc B! As she transitions into this next level of life as a published author, Doc B is putting it all on the table. Her clinical approach in patient care is holistic and some would say unorthodox as it examines the whole person, including the spirit, leaving absolutely nothing behind. Doc B is well known for her motivational interviewing techniques, person-centered and cognitive behavior therapy, and when treating groups of people, she uses psycho-therapy. And it works!  

After receiving the doctorate degree Doc B started a new position and became a Lead Primary Therapist at a notable facility in the Greater Philadelphia area, and 90 days after she was diagnosed with COVID-19. During her quarantine her higher power laid a vision on her not even SHE was ready for! Her first book will be published July 2020 and her new podcast titled DOPE will be launching soon as well. Doc B realized what was meant to kill her, only made her stronger and out of all the crisis and traumatic life experiences birthed a gift that only SHE is able to give to the world. Always keeping her higher power first she is ready to Ace yet another assignment in this one of a kind lesson we call life.


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